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Publishing Your Dissertation — Jyväskylän yliopiston kirjasto - Jyväskylä University Library

Even if you cite your sources which, of course, you will! Obtaining permission can take a long time, so plan in advance. Here are some useful sample permission request letters:. If you do not hear back in response to your request, you are now faced with a question of risk assessment, and whether to keep seeking permission or embrace the likelihood or not of the rights holder challenging your use down the road. Step 3: What about other non-copyright legal or policy concerns? Human subject research methodology, issues of indigenous knowledge, and other ethical concerns are best discussed with your dissertation advisors and institutional review boards.

But the workflow does address a few other legal questions that at first might seem like copyright questions, yet actually pertain to different legal doctrines. Privacy rights in scholarship most often arise if you are seeking to use third party content like correspondence, diaries, and images that contain personal information about or pictures of particular people. There are typically two additional important defenses to claims for invasion of privacy: newsworthiness and permission.

If the material you wish to include reveals private facts that are of public interest or concern which your dissertation scholarship may be or if the person who is the subject of the information has given you permission to include it which you may have obtained , then an invasion of privacy claim should not be sustainable. Another non-copyright legal issue that often comes up in the context of dissertations is contract law see see p.

If you are using materials from archives, museums, library special collections, you may need to consider website terms of use agreements or contracts you signed or clicked through online with the archival institution. This is because, irrespective of whether the materials are protected by copyright, you may have entered into an agreement dictating whether or not you can include material from the works.

Read carefully any agreement or website terms of use that you are asked to agree to. Inquire with the library or archives directly about whether a waiver is possible if you need one, or seek additional information from them about securing the right to publish. Step 4: Address publication issues. Perhaps the two most important points to keep in mind are:.

Want more beyond our guide? There are several other excellent online resources about electronic dissertations to check out:.

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Rachael G. She joined UC Berkeley in June Ray Harris, director of the law firm Fennemore Craig, said Schlesinger raises valid concerns about privacy, but Harris notes issues around anonymity in qualitative research can usually be identified and resolved early on through discussions about appropriate research design. Harris expects that most universities would be willing to accommodate serious concerns about publishing students' work online because it is the right thing to do, and because of the liability risk institutions face if harm results from a publication. By putting dissertations in a virtual space that is curated by another entity, institutions can free up institutional server space and staff time for other uses, he said.

ProQuest Dissertations & Theses

At the very least, if the institution is going to impose such a requirement on its graduate students, that fact should be made very clear before the student matriculates, and an agreement to that effect should be made in writing. Barbara Fister, a librarian at Gustavus Adolphus College in Minnesota who also blogs for Inside Higher Ed noted that this is not the first time scholars have voiced concern at the requirement to publish their work with ProQuest.

In the past, scholars have been surprised to learn that their work was being sold by ProQuest through third-party retailers such as Amazon. ProQuest stopped selling dissertations on Amazon in following a number of complaints. People forget that it is a long-standing practice for hard copies of doctoral theses to be made available in libraries for anyone to read, Fister said by email.

Welcome to the LOT Publications webshop

When dissertations started to become widely available online, however, the situation changed. Some publishers became hesitant about publishing commercial books from authors who had recently published their doctoral thesis on the same topic, said Fister. ProQuest pays royalties on sales and dissertations may be embargoed, but that appears to be a decision made by institutions rather than individual authors or ProQuest. Jessica Horowitz, director of academic relations at ProQuest, said the company publishes dissertations and theses from more than 3, universities.

Publication with ProQuest benefits universities because it boosts the visibility of their graduate programs and makes their research widely available, said Horowitz.

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ProQuest Dissertations and Theses Global, as the database is officially called, has been a designated off-site dissertation repository for the U. Library of Congress since All dissertations sent to ProQuest become part of the official national collection.

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After speaking with his advisers, Schlesinger was granted an exception to the requirement to publish with ProQuest. He has encouraged other students to request the same but said none have yet done so. Students should be made aware of the requirement to publish with ProQuest at the beginning of their studies, said Schlesinger.

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Schlesinger said he objected to publishing his work online because it hampered the ability of his research interviewees to speak openly with him. In fact, he wants the opposite. Tracy Muirhead, interim vice president for institutional advancement at Manhattanville, said in an email that filing with ProQuest is "not a graduation requirement" but doctoral students are "very strongly encouraged to use the electronic filing option. If you do, you run the risk of your literature review or methodology becoming outdated.

All submitted Theses must fulfill all of the following criteria: They must be written in good English. The topic should fall within the confines of Engineering, Chemistry, Physics and related interdisciplinary fields such as Materials, Nano science, Chemical Engineering, Complex Systems and Biophysics.


The work reported in the thesis must represent a significant scientific advance.