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That's the best possible gift. The 19 Dec Christmas is a great time to make edible gifts as there are so many. Advisers Synonym You've finally finished your Ph. Giving someone a gift card is a great way to show thanks without being overly personal or sappy. Seven ED — Gift dissertation advisor xp 16 hours ago Gift dissertation advisor xp.

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This is then paid forward in turn. Just seemed classy. Hat-tip here to Bobbie Spellman , who drew me into this reverse-ponzi scheme! The bound copy of my dissertation was expected, so I couldn't pawn it off as a gift.

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I gave my advisor a very expensive bottle of whiskey and took him out for dinner I still have the cork from mine, and I'm continuing the custom I didn't give my boss anything. I'm in the sciences and my publications and matriculation made him look good. In turn, he advised during my research. I shook his hand and said thanks and went about my business.

Yes, definitely. Despite all the problems and frustrations that I felt during the course of the PhD, I wanted her to know that I appreciated her efforts. It's important to recognize that supervisors are human and make mistakes. They learn about mentoring with every student. I was more interested in kicking my supervisor in the face at the time. I did invite my committee to the party, but they didn't show. It was a good viva though, lots of people, charming opponent, a nice atmosphere. I was just wondering if I should write down by hand my appreciation somewhere in the dissertation in addition to the printed ackowlegement?

Thread necromancy! You show up near the top of a Google search on the topic. I'm in a similar position at the moment, I defend Ph. But, I will be catering my defense. A committee member who I had as a prof. So I figure that is my "thank-you" to my committee and bribe to get friends to come support me during the defense. I'm going to be making candied orange and lemon peels, half dipped in dark chocolate, and key lime meltaway cookies, half of them half-dipped in dark chocolate and the other half tossed in powdered sugar one of my committee members doesn't like chocolate.

Depending on how nervous I am and need to do other things, I also may be making marshmallow-filled chocolates. I think in my case anything much more along the lines of a "parting gift" would be weird because - assuming I pass - I will be continuing to work for the guy for at least another 18 months as a post-doc, continuing the work I'm doing now.

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  • I know that's generally a bad idea, but it's on a grant that I had written to fund me and he signed off on as the PI, so I'm a teensy bit obligated. The advisor did get a big "thank you" in my thesis Acknowledgements, and after reading this thread I will get him a bound copy. I won't have it at the defense because, at least here, the committee can pass you but still tell you to change things in your thesis and the grad school gives us another week to get it in. My committee gets acknowledged at the end of my defense and two are called out individually because they're collaborators on my work incl.

    By sciencewoman on September 11, Dear SW and Alice, I will soon defend my dissertation, and I don't know whether it is customary or acceptable or expected to give an appreciation gift to one's adviser. Readers - Did you give your advisor a gift? If so, what? Sincerely, SW. More like this Teaching Quandry: Offering make-up labs and field trips? Let me start by saying that I love my upper-level undergraduate students.

    They are engaged, enthusiastic, willing to try anything, hard-working, and asking great questions. I have near perfect attendance in my class, and when a student misses class, I usually hear a pretty legitimate excuse, often…. An open letter to our extended family. You are all so thoughtful, and generous, and loving, that it really overwhelms us sometimes. September 5, Dear [name withheld], I just found out that you have decided to use a different oncologist for your adjuvant chemotherapy and wanted to let you know that I certainly understand why some patients hit it off with one doctor but not another.

    I wish you nothing but the best of health….

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    Twelve reasons to finish writing your dissertation. The other day, it occurred to me that I have a goodly number of friends who have been in Ph. I only gave a gift to my major professor. I gave it to her at the party I had after graduation. Excellent post. What are the possible outcomes of this, and what are the advisors or board members looking for?

    Good Gifts for Ph.D. Advisers

    Definite plans to give presents to graduating students from my lab, should I ever have any! Thanks, everyone! I appreciate the ideas and tips! I also sent three small very low three figures checks to the university, one in honor of each committee member, so each should have gotten a letter stating that a gift had been made in his name. The appropriateness would depend on the culture.

    Choosing a Thesis Advisor

    In Sweden it is customary for advisor and advisee to exchange presents. Usually, they consist on things like a fine vase of pottery. Personally, I would go for something that is somehow related to your research. For example, a pathologist expert in chimeric cells got custom made necklace and earrings with chimeras, and was greatly appreciated and not only saying it because my mother made it!

    In my opinion, originality is what counts most. Following the defense, a small token of appreciation would not be inappropriate. However, this should not be a substantial gift, as even after the defense, it could be viewed as a quid pro quo arrangement. I took my adviser out for a steak dinner at the finest restaurant in town. I'm told that I was the first to do so other students bought him a box of red pens, etc.

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    As a new assistant professor, I feel awkward whenever my students offer me gifts. I am sure they have the best of intentions, but potential implications and potential alterior motives are enough to make me uncomfortable. I am sure this is culture dependent as some of the other answers have suggested, but I would recommend going with the local culture of the deparment and former graduates if any. In my case it was a bottle of cognac, of course after the defense. I brought it to my supervisor's home. Would you give your supervisor at work a gift after finishing a significant project?

    Probably not. PS - It's true that it's not your advisor who decides that Ph. The Stack Overflow podcast is back!

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