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Therefore, any energy conservation programme in transport sector is bound to strengthen our economy. This can be done largely by introducing more fuel efficient engines, operation of transport vehicles at optimum speed, improving road conditions and avoiding traffic bottlenecks, especially in urban areas.

These measures can save about per cent fuel. Provision of better roads alone can save 10 per cent petroleum. Extension of railway network has led to substantial savings in high speed diesel since a diesel loco is times more efficient compared to diesel truck. It is, therefore, logical to switch all long distance freight movement to rail and confine road transport to short distances. Railways have initiated several measures to achieve high degree of energy conservation.

Public transport system should be strengthened so that people are not forced to use private vehicles. This can save a lot of energy.

PCRA to Create Awareness on Petroleum Conservation with Various Competitions

Industries consume about per cent of the total oil products consumed in the country. Several industries have achieved commendable success in energy conservation by better management energy For example iron and steel industry, petrochemicals, cement and paper industry have saved 21, 32, 28 and 25 per cent energy respectively between and Derrick is a steel tower that holds the equipment used to drill an oil well.

A dry hole is a well that fails to produce oil and gas in commercial quantities. I think that this may cause the ground above it to sink if there are huge building put on top of the dry well. Exploratory wells are drilled to find commercial deposits of oil or gas. Gushers are wildly flowing wells. They occur as the result of accidents called blow outs. A horizon is an underground rock formation, usually one that contains oil or natural gas. Lease is an agreement by which an operator pays a land owner rent for oil for exclusive right to drill for and produce oil on his property.

Oil pool is an underground reservoir or trap containing oil. An oil trap is a nonporous rock formation that contains oil pools.

Essay on ''Oil Conservation Towards Better and Healthy Environment ''

Royalty is money paid to the land owner for oil produced on his land. I think the company should just buy the property. Proration is a system of state that regulates and controls the amount of oil that can be taken daily from wells or fields. Such conservation laws prevent waste of oil. Probably without these laws prices on oil products would be a lot more higher than they are today.

A roughneck is a general worker on a drilling rig. A wildcat well is a well drilled in an area where there is no production. This must waste a lot of money. Only certain types of underground rock formations trap oil. These rock formations may be found in many parts of the world, under different conditions of land an climate.

Men pump oil from the ground under farm land, prairies, jungles, swamps, marshes, mountains, and ocean floors. Bio fuels are fuels generated from plants, animal waste, municipal waste and waste from the food and agro industries. Some bio fuels are available in nature such as wood and cow dung cakes. The vegetable seeds and wastes are processed for the production of bio fuels for example, bio diesel is generated from algae or certain plant seeds; bio gas is produced from kitchen waste, animal waste or other organic waste.

These are also called renewable fuels. Fossil fuels are fuels generated by the changes that took place over millions of years on the remains of animals and plants. These are also referred as non-renewable fuels. Due to increasing demand and limited supply, their cost is ever increasing. Burning or using any type of fuel produces carbon dioxide and other harmful products that cause pollution. Some fuels create less pollution like CNG, while other cause more pollution like coal. The increasing pollution due to burning of fossil fuels is a major cause of global warming and climate change.

Changing lifestyle, supported by technology, has increased the fuel consumption manifolds. If we continue to use fossil fuels at this pace, these may last for few decades only. Therefore, we must reduce the use of fossil fuels and save such fuels to last longer for future generations. Fuels should not be wasted and more efficient machinery and appliances shall be built.

Use of alternate sources of energy like wind, hydraulic, solar, tidal, geothermal and nuclear shall be increased. Fuel is a substance that reacts with another substance for energy generation and doing work. In the contemporary period, these fuels govern our day to day activities. Fuels are juxtaposed with devices that store energy like battery, capacitors, spring etc. Fuel functions as a vital part to quench our energy requirement. Petroleum is the most commonly used fuel by humans on a daily basis from cooking to traveling to manufacturing. There are various types of fuel classification.

Based on their state of matter, fuels are classified as Solid fuels like wood and peat, liquid fuels like petroleum and gasoline and gaseous fuels like natural gases. Based on their source, the fuels are classified as physical fuels like solid propellant and electricity, chemical fuels like CNG and blast furnace gas, biofuels like biodiesel derived from biomass and nuclear fuels like radioactive uranium rods, etc.

Conservation petroleum essay

The biofuels are further categorized into primary biofuels and secondary biofuels. The primary fuels are those which are used in an unprocessed form while the secondary biofuels need to be used after certain processing.

Examples of biofuels are the green-diesel generated from green algae, biogas generated from animal waste and fat, etc. Based on their availability, fuels are classified as renewable fuels and non-renewable fuels. This is a very important classification to know as this type has entered into the vicious cycle of environmental degradation, availability of fuel, depletion of fuel, and so on.

Those fuels which can be replenished to the rate of usage are called the renewable source of fuels.

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This includes tidal energy, wind energy, etc. Examples include oil and petroleum, fossil fuels etc. The conservation of renewable and the non-renewable fuels are the need of the hour and this activity makes sense at various walks of life. For example, when we are standing at a traffic signal, it is advised to turn off your vehicle to avoid wastage of fuels. We can also decrease the speed to increase the fuel economy.

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We can minimize the brake usage in a vehicle. We can encourage vehicle pooling or use public transport whenever possible. We must create campaigns and awareness about fuel conservation to people. Not only the non-renewable resources are depleted, but the renewable resources are also depleting because nature cannot replenish the resources at the speed they are dug out and utilized. Despite the renewability, if we continue to use the fuels at this rate, we will end up facing the depletion of fuels.

Conservation of Petroleum Products in India

Most of the things that we rely upon on a daily basis to run our daily chores use up fuels. Fuel economy is a growing economy and gives a lucrative business, to begin with. Fuel can be said to be any form of material that reacts with another substance or material to ensure the release of energy in the form of heat energy and can used to perform work. Fuel used to be solely referred to as the materials that can release chemical energy, it has now started to be applied to different other sources that produce heat energy like nuclear energy through nuclear fusion and nuclear fission.

The fuel reactions led to a release of heat energy which is then converted through heat engines to mechanical energy. Sometimes, the heat can be used for industrial processes, cooking or warmth and also serves as a source of illumination through the combustion. The organisms also use fuels in their cells through a process commonly called cellular respiration; there is the oxidation of the organic molecules so that usable energy can be released. The fuel source that is most commonly employed by human beings is hydrocarbons and other related molecules that contain oxygen even though some other materials and substances like metals that are radioactive are also employed.

Fuels are quite different from the other devices and substances that store potential energy like the ones that release directly mechanical energy like reservoir water, air that is compressed, springs and flywheels or electrical energy such as capacitors and batteries. The very first use and employment of fuel that is known, was the stick or wood combustion by the Homo erectus about two or three million years before now.

Essay on save fuel for better environment in 700 words

Humans have derived fuel from animal fat or plants through most of our history as humans. A derivative of wood that is known as charcoal has been in use for more than 8, years now when it was used to melt metals. When the forests in Europe started to face serious depletion, charcoal was substituted with coke during the s. We now use charcoal briquettes as fuel when we cook through barbecue. The first time coal was used as a source of fuel in China about years ago. Chemical energy is usually released by combustion. The introduction and inception of the famed steam engine in the year in the region of the United Kingdom led to the use of coal as a very popular source of power.

Locomotives and ships were also driven with the use of coal. London began using the gas that is gotten from coal as lighting on the streets around the s.