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I would like the viewer to have to look closely into my piece, I would achieve this by making my photographs that are attached to my bike wheel relatively small. I want the viewer to feel the mood of abandonment from my work and I hope to achieve this by making the bike wheel rusty and possibly burn the edge of the photographs which would reinforce this feeling. I am planning to use the idea of the bike wheel but adapt it to make it my own interpretation. I plan to use images which are burnt and make the wheel rusty which gives the impression of abandonment. I plan to burn the edges of my photographs which I will then attach to the spokes of the wheel possibly using small wooden pegs.

This photograph has been printed on photographic paper to experiment the differences between both of the different types of paper.

Digital Photography

On this photograph I burnt around the edge of the photograph. Using one of my Photoshop manipulated images, I put a piece of Acetate over the top of the image and then got a black fine tipped pen to write words which linked to the word 'abandonment' and then wrote them around the image. I don't think this is one of my successful physical manipulations as the paint came out a thicker consistency.

To improve this if I wish to repeat this within my final outcome then I could write the words going horizontal across the image but slowly fading when it reaches the part with the 'beauty' element within it. Also, I should use a thinner sized brush so I could fit more onto the image.

I could perhaps scratch some of the paint off to suggest a broken atmosphere towards the image. This photograph was one which was physically manipulated also using Photoshop.

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I tried to make the paper look as if it was unwanted. The water I used had a purple tinge to it which I believe causes the picture to have more beauty as it's a colour which has connotations with luxury and wealth. On this photograph I took one of my images took in Birmingham which was manipulated on Photoshop by putting a filter over it making it black and white.

I then got a piece of acetate overlaying it ontop of the image ensuring they were the same size as the image below it. I painted red paint over the top of the acetate making sure I didn't go over the central detail. I got a black fine tipped pen writing words which I related to the word 'Abandonment' writing them around the image.

This image explored the way in which there is beauty in decay, I think that this idea is clearly displayed through this particular image. In this image the circular parts of the picture act as a frame for the images placed over the top of them, this causes my image to become stronger as there is a clear pattern within my work. To create this image I overlaid several different images over the base image and erased parts which didn't fit inside the circles. This image also explores the way in which beauty can be found in decay.

This image consists of two different images, one was of a broken window and the other is of graffiti. I overlaid the image of graffiti over the image of the broken window and changed the opacity of it to make it look like it's hardly there. This gives the impression of the beauty within decay slowly fading away to not be as visible as it was before. This image is another which explores the beauty found in decay but also takes inspiration from Siskind's work. The whole image apart from the centre is in black and white.

The central part is full of colour which causes there to be contrast within my work. I created this image through photoshop and the overlaying of images. I changed the opacity of the top layer to make the under-layers still visible. This image explores that there is decay still visible in modern society.

The top layer of the image is in black and white whilst the bottom layer is in colour, although the bottom layer isn't full of colour there are still some parts with colour on it. Both of these photographs use natural framing within in them. The main parts of the image are placed within the central parts of the image which help to draw the viewer into it.

The two images both have a deep depth of field meaning that the whole image is in focus rather than having one part in focus. The colours in this image cause a contrast to be created, the background is a light grey whilst the colours within the central part are more vibrant as they're purple. However, I have changed the opacity of the central part to make it less prominent.

This is because the central part is faded. The colours within this image also cause a contrast to be created, however the contrast created isn't as big as the one created in the previous image. The central image is bold as I haven't altered the opacity of the image causing it to stand out more. This image explores the idea of beauty being in decayed areas. To create this image I have overlaid a filter over the top if it to create a more bolder texture within the image.

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The colours within the image are very bright which catch the audiences attention quickly. This was one of my images which took inspiration from Aaron Siskind's work as the base of the image is in black and white. The images I have overlaid are mostly in colour which cause contrast.

In this image there are leading lines which lead you to the main part of the image which is the part at the front. Siskind explores the way in which he makes his work look abstract. Luxemburg also explores this through her own work.

I wanted to explore this idea through my own work, the idea of creating abstract images is the inspiration behind my images created. I completed both physical and photoshop manipulations for my outcome. I didn't include any of the physically manipulated images as I feel they weren't as successful as the ones I created through the use of photoshop.

However, the images which I used in my final outcome did invlove minor physical manipulation as I ripped around the edges to give them a 'burnt' look. I did this because in my physical manipulation I experimented burning with a flame and wasn't keen on the outcome so I experimented without the flame. My photoshop experiments all follow the theme of abstractism due to this I think that all of my photoshopped experiments were successful.

Art & Design Photography

The main idea which I stated off with and followed through to be main idea is the idea of beauty being found in areas of decay. My final outcome idea was to use photos to show the idea of beauty being able to be found within areas of decay. I presented my images on a rusty bicycle wheel because I wanted to explore the idea of abandonment of objects which were once loved and now becoming obsolete. The creative potential stimulated in this course will enable you to apply creative, analytical and critical thinking and problem solving, in order to visually communicate ideas through photography.


This awareness can also be employed to any other course that you do. Throughout these courses, students will learn about a variety of photographic media, techniques and processes including hands-on experimentation with traditional techniques in our dedicated darkrooms, lighting in our studio and use computers for Photoshop and digital media, utilising these techniques and equipment, to make brilliant images.

This coursework earns marks over the entire course resulting in a final grade. Students will use sketchpads and workbooks to demonstrate all practical learning, ideas development and critical analysis. Coursework takes the pressure away from traditional 2 hour exams. This Photography Course develops a wide range of skills, analytical and critical thinking and problem solving, which will be useful at University and future careers. Photography may offer a highly creative and hands-on alternative to other subjects you may be studying at A level.

Tuition is enjoyable, structured, friendly and supportive, resulting in high-grade achievements on this course. Which subjects combine well with Photography? Photography is a subject that draws from and comments on a variety of aspects of life.

Online College of Art & Design – Study IGCSE and A Level Art From Home

Report 4 years ago 4. Report 4 years ago 5. I did GCSE art, and there was barely any photography in it. We did do some, to base observational drawings off, and show the progression of our work, but aside from that, there was no photography. Art and photography are not the same subject, and it is highly unlikely she will be able to pass GCSE art without drawing, painting etc for her portfolio. There is the option of doing GCSE art and then picking up photography at A Level, but without dedication, it is extremely hard to motivate yourself to do artwork. I would highly suggest speaking to the head of art at her school and look up the spec for her exam board online.

Report Thread starter 4 years ago 6. Thanks for the rtellies.

Assigned Photography Coursework

The school is about to change from edexcel to Aqa for art. I did notice that both boards offer 'photography: lens and lights' as part of the art gcse. I think the school isn't geared up for it though.