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They give him the return of his father, when really he wants to escape. By presenting a false world, designed to give the illusion of genuine human connection, but really designed to make a profit for those in charge, The Truman Show warned us about the dangers of social media before it was even invented.

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So what does the film say we should do about these malevolent forces? At the end of the film, as Truman is on the verge of leaving, Christof offers him a deal: stay in the safe world of Seahaven where he will be a star and he will always be content, and in return all he will have to consent to is being watched every moment of his life. He tells Truman that he already knows he will accept them because he knows him better than anyone else.

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Why does he make this claim? Because he has been watching him his entire life.

‘The Truman Show’: In-Depth Analysis

Profiling him. To which Truman replies,.

And this is because Truman also has a private self that is distinct from his public self. Like us all he presents one version of himself through his social interaction, in his case a carefully performed cheerfulness, whilst masking his private self, in his case a pervading unhappiness.

This is perhaps the element of real-world social interaction that has been most magnified by transferring it online. Separation of the public and private self is not just something that is done to us by catfish and influencers, it is also something we, like Truman, do ourselves.

Essay on The Truman Show

Just as my profile here on Medium describes me as an independent author which I am but ignores the other job I do to pay my rent. But we know. Keeping Up With the Burbanks. We still get fooled, betrayed, and hurt online. The Truman Show tried to warn us 20 years ago.

The Truman Show Essay Part Two - Consumerism in American Society

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Tom Trott Follow. But as the character starts noticing confusing imperfections in the well-functioning mechanism of his artificial reality, he gains the courage to think about his aims and dreams and plans their implementation. He dreams about traveling around the globe to Fiji whereas he assumes — the girl he fell in love with lives.

As Truman understands that something is wrong with his world, he comes across the choice which embodies both freedom at least partial and responsibility.

The Truman Show - Wikipedia

On one hand, he wants to live a real life in the real world: people want the bitter truth. On the other hand, there is a desire to save and live a happy life in the idyllic reality: people often prefer sweet lies. Eventually, Truman stands through this ordeal decently and makes the right choice: he wants to live, to love and fulfill himself for real. Grown like a flower in a greenhouse, afar from real obstacles, he decides to escape this loop. Christof, the director, is perceived nearly like a god.

Truman Show Essay on Pursuit

The shooting team got used to the routine behavior of their key characteristics, that is why they get so confused as Truman becomes unpredictable. One may presume that the creators reached an apogee in methods of cognition of human soul and nature. In reference to this aspect, one can draw a line between the relations of Christof and Truman and the relations of a god and his creature.

It definitely takes a lot of audacity and willing, but as soon as a man chooses to take responsibility for his life, he will certainly obtain fruitful results like in this movie we see Truman get the right to live in the real world. Aug 3, Article movie analysis.