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National Library Board, You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email required Address never made public. The dead are unrelated. The dead 6-year-old was with his mother and grandmother, who were wounded in the hand and leg.

His father was at home with the 9-year-old daughter. This is the epitome of senseless violence and trying to rack up a body count. The 8A would have prevented him from receiving his deserved punishment anyway, like being draw and quartered or used as a cancer test subject. It seems as if mass shootings, particularly those occurring in public places, are THE driving force for gun control.

Granted, mass school shootings are an important part as well; but I think the public places venue is more important. Be that as it may, we must try to identify the motivating forces and deal with them such as they are. What could conceivably be done to reduce mass shootings? Most of the possibilities are either impractical or ineffective. Securing the perimeter is impractical.

Concise Essay On Garlic

Now, how could we possibly afford to secure all the perimeters of all such venues at all times whenever their populations exceed our defined threshold? Reducing the number of guns suitable to purpose would be ineffective. There are million guns in America. Suppose we reduced this number by an order of magnitude; to 20 million. Would a crazy killer get access to one of them? Suppose we reduced the number by 2 orders of magnitude; 2 million.

That would make it more difficult for a crazy killer to get access to one. So, he would likely buy one fabricated in a cottage machine shop or smuggled from abroad. Could we shut down cottage machine shops? Stop smuggling? Do these represent the greatest threat? Or, should we be conscious of some other threat? America was asleep at the wheel with respect to the prospect of an attack by Japan before WW Could we be asleep today?

How about such an attack from a middle-eastern country? Or an African, Latin American, country? When was the last time a Mexican bandit crossed our border and raided an American town? Is there any lawless well-armed force operating near the US border? If Americans are concerned about the miniscule risk of being shot in a public venue by a mass killer of domestic origin, then we should be even more concerned by the enormous potential for such an attack by a foreign-influanced attacker.

How could gun control possibly reduce this risk? The message described above is vastly beyond the attention span of the American voter. Nevertheless, there IS a pertinent audience willing to listen. American law-enforcement officers. Many of these are military vets; they understand mass public shooting venues.

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Cycle through the usual gun-control solutions: UBC; magazine capacity limits; semi-auto actions; registration; reducing the number of certain types of arms;. Would any of these have much of an effect on the number of domestic crazies willing to shoot-up a public venue? Would any of these have ANY effect on a foreign-influanced attacker?

Numbered Lists In An Essay

What do LE experts know would work? Would police equipped with carbines in public venues be effective in dissuading domestic crazies? Would they be effective in stopping a shooting-in-progress by a foreign-influanced attacker? What is it about police — equipped with carbines — that makes this a potentially effective measure? Is it that they get their W-2 forms from a government agency?

Or, is the power to stop a mass killer to be found in the carbine? Would 2 or 3 be needed to be confident of their effectiveness? Handguns were impotent in that case and would be impotent in comparable cases. In less challenging venues, handguns would be effective; they have proven to be effective. Such an educational campaign on LEOs would be a long-hard-slog. A question that they are sworn to be concerned with!

Concise essay on garlic

Imagine dragging a big-city chief of police into a Congressional committee hearing on gun-controls. Imagine asking her whether she sees proposed gun controls having any effect on mass public shootings. Ing: Remarkable! The solution: we encourage and help families to be physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy. Such families not only reduce the number of demented individuals who would attempt mass-murder, those very same families would also produce people who were comfortable discussing and implementing real solutions to myriad problems facing our society.

The dilemmas at the heart of 'alternative medicine'

Of course this security overwatch expense amortized per person goes down significantly when even greater numbers of people attend an event. Once again, the problem is not firearms. The problem is event organizers who do not want to part with a couple thousand dollars. And I imagine snowflakes who do not want to see effective security overwatch snipers are another part of the problem. The overhead costs exceed that pricepoint by a lot, probably at least an order of magnitude once insurance costs for this service are figured in, because insurance is going to place demands for enormously high bars on training, continual retraining, certification and all the latest and greatest gear to try to reduce the chance of an errant shot or misidentified target to the lowest possible rate.

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The occasions when there are very large crowds at such venues are exceptional; not the norm. In such cases equipping a few police with rifles or carbines could be enough. A rifle would be nice; but, most of the shooting will be at pistol range. These seem to be the really economically-challenging cases.

The number of potential victim-targets is in the dozens or hundreds. Just not enough cops on and off-shift to provide adequate coverage. Will there be a cop in the GFZ when the shooter choses to fire? If he sees the cop, he will wait for a more opportune time. At best, the cop wanders into the shooting zone at just the right time. The only solution for this case that I see is to eliminate the GFZs.

Take the time to scroll through the multitude of pages that return to understand how often this armed force incursion occurs. The Mexican authorities say that it is an accident every time and their troops, vehicle and weapons are all escorted back to Mexico without any consequences. Yet, decades ago an El Paso PD officer was in pursuit of a car thief and crossed into Mexico over the Bridge of the Americas…Mexican Customs allowed the thief to cross unhindered while the officer was arrested and paraded around like a POW…his vehicle, uniform, weapons, etc were all seized by Mexican authorities.

El Paso PD eventually got the vehicle no uniforms, personal possessions or weapons back in negotiations…the officer was repatriated to the US only after high-level diplomacy intervened. Old Guy: Thank you for your support. I make no special claim to profound insight.

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Still, occasionally an idea occurs to me that I think worth sharing.