Tulane application essay 2012

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Football games are currently played in the splendor that is the Superdome. Springtime brings Jazzfest to the city and, my personal favorite, Crawfes t to campus, an event open to the community where 75, pounds of crawfish and live music is served with a side of perfectly seasoned potatoes and corn. Trips to the Louisiana bayou for swamp tours, the Florida panhandle for beaches, and out to Ponchatoula for the Strawberry Festival are Tulane student staples.

But weekends are not only spent touring the south and exploring the history and culture of the French Quarter , home to the longest running public market in the country and New Orleans food classics like beignets and jambalaya.

Tulane's Early Action Deadline is Nov. 15th!

They are also a time for students to give back to the city they have fallen in love with. Tulanians tutor in local schools, build and rebuild homes in the Ninth Ward and West Bank, and install energy saving light bulbs throughout the city, amongst other ongoing projects.

Admissions Rate: 21.5%

Service comes with the New Orleans experience, and only enhances the connection between students and the greater community. When I chose to attend Tulane, I did not realize that the school would give me much more than just an education and a degree. I particularly enjoyed how professors were able to integrate the city into their curriculum. Through professors of social history in New Orleans granting extra credit for attending a brass band concert, or having an education course that corresponded with volunteering at local charter school, I was able to learn, absorb, and understand what I was being taught on a new level.

New Orleans is a small city with a lot to offer and Tulane works continuously to make sure the relationship between the residents and the university is strong. But most importantly, I discovered a city and a school that embraces all who call it home. Post edited by fallenchemist on November September Love the questions!

DS is going to be thrilled about more essays NOT! Thanks for posting My pleasure.

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Upon rereading what I wrote, I noticed an incorrect extrapolation. Nonetheless, Tulane was already one of the most generous merit award schools in its class, and this makes it much more so. They haven't shared what the criteria are for consideration? I have not found a reference that suggests what the parameters for likely winners would be.

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But I think it is highly likely that all the same suggestions and rules that apply to the DHS also apply to the Paul Tulane Scholarship. Just wondering if it's worth DS even trying for it There should also be a challenging curriculum, usually reflected by lots of AP classes. When a high school doesn't offer many AP's, then just the most challenging schedule that high school offers. Obviously very strong recs, along with solid EC's. Having said all that, there are hundreds of applicants that meet all those criteria, if not even a thousand or so.

Application Instructions

Subjective of course, but that is the only way left to make the final judgements at that point. I wonder if they will combine PTA winners into the DHS breakfast at move-in, or have something separate, or start doing something else entirely. Trivial point, but just popped into my head. BerneseMtn replies 3 threads Registered User Member. Thanks, fallen chemist.

Should a student apply for both if really interested in Tulane? Absolutely, if they have the stats. And if they have a strong record of community service, apply for the CSS also. The Times Higher Education and Academic Ranking of World Universities consistently rank it as one of the leading medical research institutions.

It is the second oldest medical school in the deep south.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of ProspectiveDoctor. Your email address will not be published. George Washington University 14, applicants George Washington University Medical School has been the most applied to medical school for the last six years.

Tulane – Southeast Chapter of the Society of Architectural Historians

Drexel University 12, applicants Located in Philadelphia, Drexel University enrolls more students each year than any other private medical school. Georgetown University 11, applicants Located in Washington D.

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Boston University 11, applicants Its location and reputation make Boston University an elite medical school. Read: Secondary Application Q and A 5.

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